• Alaska

    This door soars with its distinct personality. The Antares door leaf is an 8-mm sheet of tempered safety glass with a clear or frosted finish, and sandblasted or engraved designs and cast colored glass embellishments that make each door unique and personal. The Helga door leaf is the result of a unique technology: wood and glass suspended in a combination with understated proportions. A vertical band of light illuminates and furnishes rooms with originality.

  • 25 by Arnaudo

    The collection of design doors “25 by Arnaudo” is the result of the cooperation between Bertolotto Porte and the famous architect Gianni Arnaudo. Decorations on these original models are inspired by nature and, more specifically, by a tree-lined avenue, shown in perspective, and an imaginary forest. All the models in this collection and their charming, yet simple, style offer an exclusive and tasteful way to decorate your environment.

  • Antike

    One of the first collections by Bertolotto is “Antikè”: these hand-painted classic doors are beloved for their traditional shapes, graceful proportions, refined finishes, rich decorations, the warmth of real wood and their genuine colours. Living wood is veneered to make it stable and guarantee the excellent quality of this product. Thanks to its patinated finish, this product boasts an unmistakable style, with elegant and sophisticated details.

  • Arabesque

    This linear blind door is made unique by original and glamorous decorations. Essentiality and charm blend into decorations inspired by Arab architecture and realised using wood slats or contrasting colours and finishing. Inlaid wood, colour contrasts, with lacquered base and gold or silver leaves, hand-made by wood artists.

  • Area System
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    Area System

    Bertolotto’s glass and aluminium door collection includes the Area System line, a range of glass and aluminium walls and structures to separate and link different working spaces with highly flexible solutions. This collection includes hinged doors fitted on aluminium-profiled walls and various types of glass and panels. You can choose amongst different glass finishes and colours and amongst a number of glass pane-holding aluminium profile types.

  • Atelié
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    The Atelié bathroom system is the ideal solution for interpreting different styles, from luxury to total white.

  • Atelier
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    Born from an inspiration bounded to the real MADE IN ITALY tradition, ATELIER kitchen represents a model of elegance, a synthesis of different styles put together in a door shape which expresses balance between classical proportions and formal neatness of contemporary taste.

  • Baltimora

    The collection of classic doors “Baltimora” by Bertolotto was created in 1996. It boasts soft lines, a traditional, yet contemporary, style, the beauty of real wood and hand-crafted high-quality materials. Besides sales rankings, this collection is unique for its sturdy blockboard door leaves, “wrapped” into two high-quality veneer sheets of Italian walnut, cherry, oak and tanganyika wood.

  • Baltimora New

    Baltimora New modern door collection is different, as its models are made of real wood. The internal structure is blockboard wood: robust, sturdy and durable. The high quality of final products is embellished by their wood grain. 58 models and 4 types of wood, with different finishing styles, mat or open-pore lacquering, 16 BP colours and 210 RAL colours to provide endless options.