• Atelier
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    Born from an inspiration bounded to the real MADE IN ITALY tradition, ATELIER kitchen represents a model of elegance, a synthesis of different styles put together in a door shape which expresses balance between classical proportions and formal neatness of contemporary taste.

  • Boston

    Boston is an American-style model that stands out for its extra-large door frame,reminiscent of the windows on the historical buildings of this city.

  • Cartesia

    CARTESIA is a kitchen concept that stands out for its finishes. It furnishes any room by adapting to the space available and preserves its streamlined style thanks to the fronts that open by means of grip recesses.

  • Colormatt

    COLORMATT, the kitchen designed for utmost comfort in terms of space, practicality and functionality. It is available in 8, strictly matt finishes: GRAY, BISCUIT, JUTE, POPPY, FLAX, CARBON, TURQUOISE, LAVENDER.

  • Estetica

    Starring the kitchen. The ESTETICA model enjoy perfect communication with ETICA model so they can coexist magnificently in the same kitchen layout or stand alone for a more defined look.

  • Etica

    Starring the kitchen. The Etica model enjoy perfect communication with Estetica model so that they can coexist magnificently in the same kitchen layout or stand alone for a more defined look. One door model with matt lacquer finish for Etica, that add a fresh and really refined touch to any kitchen.

  • Genesi

    The origins. In fact, the new textured finishes available in 3 different types originate from this model: wood, mortar and metallic effect finishes plus a marble finish paired with two, neutral-coloured PET tones.

  • Lucenta

    The contemporary home living is evolving in parallel with the tastes and needs geared to aesthetic and functional innovation. Within the kitchen product, Lucenta proposes itself with a high level of quality: bright glossy polished finish for the doors, with a focused set of fresh and modern colors: SETA, TORTORA and MATITA.

  • Lux

    Fiat LUX…versions WHITE, BLACK, CREAM, BLACK CHERRY, PEARL, CHOCOLATE and TURQUOISE. Harmonious and refined design, innovative colors with glossy effect and imprint youth. LUX is a complete model with high composability features; it is based on a full development of the operative concept, together with Accessories and electric appliance of very high quality. Finally, we would like to highlight the solutions based on low worktop for snack, which give a touch of modernity to the indoor design of your home.

  • Mela

    A young kitchen in performing, suitable even for the most demanding clientele for it was created to solve any problems in use and composition.

  • Metropoli

    The METROPOLI kitchen is a constantly evolving space suitable for the frenzy of daily life but still making it easy to enjoy in those relaxing moments. Available in following colours: Snowy Ochre, Petrol, Fume, Green Marine, Argil.